The first love of the Turkmen is blue tea, Which comes before the salt tastes.

From ancient times to the present day, the Turkmens have had their first favorite tea. It is clear that our ancestors also enjoyed tea in the natural climate of our country, as well as the deep penetration of tea into Turkmen culture in the integrity of our people. The notion of “shaking” means mutual understanding and affection in the people. And therefore dringking tea informs the possibility of sitting down and understanding. Our forefathers considered dringking tea to stop breathing. They believed thet the man’s appetite was opened when he drank the tea, and that his ten bones were at rest. The relied on the fact that even a little anxiety can be overcome by dringking tea. The taste of tea can also be clearly seen in the poem “Blue tea” sung by Sahi Jepbar to the poem of the famous Turkmen poet K.Gurbannepesov.