«Nowruz has come to my country»

During the Renaissance of the new era of our strong state, the celebration of "Nowruz has come to my country" was organized by the staff of the House of Culture in the town of Berkarar, Ak Bugday District Culture Department, with the performance of young amateur students. Ancient Nowruz is one of the millennia-old festivals that celebrates the traditions of peace, friendship, humanity and good neighborliness, and the principles of humanity. The hero plays an important role in the upbringing of our Arkadag generation, in developing the level of patriotism, literacy and civilization of the citizens. This is aimed at perpetuating, perfecting our ancient traditions in pedigree, and cultivating them to be scientifically-educated, patriotic, inspiring, broad-minded, highly educated, healthy-spirited, professionally educated and modern generations. May the life of our Hero Arkadag, who cares deeply about the flourishing of our traditions and national culture in the Renaissance of the new era of our strong state, always live a prosperous and prosperous life!