«Halkda Hakyň ady bar»

In the prosperous period of our sovereign state, in the year celebrated under the slogan "The Arkadagly Age of the People" thanks to the Head of State, important cultural events that contribute to the prosperity of our country are being held regularly. Art of Forgiveness” A music festival was held to mark the inclusion of UNESCO in the list of outstanding examples of the intangible cultural heritage of mankind. Teachers and children's ensembles of the Children's Art School named after O. Salyr, bakhshis of rural houses of culture performed our Hero Arkadag, the People's Arkadagly era of the people and performed Turkmen folk songs. During the ceremony, the participants expressed their gratitude to our Hero Arkadag, who raised the international prestige of our Eternal Neutral Motherland and brought our united people to a prosperous era.