“The Arkadagly Age of the People ”

The year was organized by the staff of the New Life Rural House of Culture of the Ak Bugday District Culture Department, with a performance by young amateur students at the Ak Bugday District Specialized Secondary School No. 8 dedicated to the proclamation of 2022 as the "Arkadagly Age of the People". Undoubtedly, under the prudent leadership of our esteemed President, under the slogan " Arkadagly Age of the People " in 2022, our country will continue on its path to new heights and great achievements. The hero plays an important role in the upbringing of our Arkadag generation, in developing the level of patriotism, literacy and civilization of the citizens. This is aimed at continuing, improving and nurturing the offspring of the ancient generation as educated, patriotic, patriotic, broad-minded, highly educated, highly educated, healthy, professionally educated and modern generations. May the life of our Hero Arkadag, who cares deeply for the prosperity of our national culture in the prosperous period of our sovereign state, always live a fruitful life and prosper for the good of the nation!