"Poet of Hearts"

During the Revival of the new era of stable state, the leadership of the Honorable President in our country is of great concern to our culture. The 300th anniversary of the birth of Magtymguly Pyragy, a prominent poet-philosopher of the East, a classic poet of Turkmen literature, was celebrated. This is related to the scope of Magtymguly's creativity and its place in the spiritual life of Turkmen. The deep thoughts expressed in the poetic lines of the great son of the Turkmen people calling for love of the country, unity and brotherhood resonate not only in the hearts of the Turkmen people, but also in the representatives of other nations. In particular, in order to deeply study the rich literary heritage of Magtymguly Pyragy, who is the golden treasure of all mankind, and to promote it widely in the world, solemn events dedicated to the life and creativity of the famous thinker-poet of the 18th century are being held in the country. Central library of Ak Bugida region held a conference among readers under the name "Poet of Hearts". At this event, the works of Magtymguly Pragy's creativity acquired a rich meaning. It was wished that the life of our Heroic Comrade, Comrade Serdar, who made it possible to live in such a noble age, would be successful in his country-country advantageous work.