«Halkyň Arkadagly zamanasy»

In 2022 “Arkadaghly Zamanasy” (People’s Arkadaghly Zaman), our President Arkadaghly glorifies the policy of prosperity, peace, unity and peace in our beloved Motherland, glorifying the prosperous and prosperous future of our people. Under a peaceful sky, our people live in peace and work creatively. The sound of children's laughter lifts their spirits, and the pleasant music of bakhshi musicians is heard singing the prosperity and tranquility of the country. In our country, the dignity of the older generation and the respect of the younger generation are highly valued. All this is a symbol of happiness, statehood and unity. Under the leadership of our Arkadaglin Cedar, our beloved Motherland, which has reached great heights on the path of great progress at the speed of horses, is the abode of a happy childhood. K. Geldymuradova Children's Art School "Happy Generations" and photo exhibitions were organized on June 1 "Children's Day" in the House of Culture of Babadayakhan etrap, Akhal velayat, as well as photo exhibitions in which they performed in their own paintings and through music.