The military art of the ancient Nisanians

The military martial art of the Nisas is based on swiftness of movement. They don’t want to hide their dreams or all their energy in a castle. A common tactic of the Nusaites was to attack swiftly with light-armed cavalry and fire upon the enemy from a distance beyond their feet’s reach. When they encountered the enemy, they did not fight for a long time, but suddenly retreated and fled, and then, when the enemy remained silent, the attack was launched again. At that moment, the wounded horsemen also entered the battle. After such a psychological attack, the fate of the final battle was often decided in favor of the Parthians. Plutarch describes it as follows: “…the Romans, surrounded by the Parthians, collided with each other and couldnot withstand the blows of the enemy. They pulled the falling satellites on their bodies and fell from the wall to the ground, screaming from the pain, and they were fighting each other. In the victories of the Parthians, along with their war tactics, the reed-eared horses, which can run and escape if they run away, played a huge role. Modern Turkmen horses are genetically descendants of those Parthian horses.