«Halkyň Arkadagly zamanasy»

Gorkut Ata, Baba Gammar, and Ashik Aydın are the patrons of the musical arts whose names have become legendary in the musical culture of the peoples of the East. Their names are known to ethnographers, philologists, folklorists, and orientalists, and musicians have a special respect for them. Among them is Baba Gammar, a prominent figure who testified that the common roots of the ancient music culture of the peoples of Central Asia, India and Pakistan are intertwined. Although this music is one of the roots of the cultural heritage of the East, it is unique in the cultural heritage of every nation. Baba Gammar was an unparalleled musician and his name is used to describe the skill level of talented dutar players. There is a popular belief that Baba Gammar made the first dutar from a mulberry tree made of silk. According to legend, the sacred master's "voice" was heard in the ear of the future master musician in the making of the dutar. Therefore, every dutar master used his intellect and ability to perfect it. In honor of the legacy, the young Turkmen musicians visited the place where he was lying and the tree that had sprouted from the broken dutar and received a "blessing". May the life of our esteemed President be prosperous, long-lived, prosperous for the benefit of the people and important for his country for the support of such great personalities during the Revival of the new era of our sovereign state!