«The era of the nation with Arkadag»

In the year named “The era of the nation with Arkadag” Baharden Centre of Culture together with Häkimlik of Baharden district have conducted the event named “Inscription of a dutar making craft, dutar playing and Bakhshi art in the UNESCO World Heritage List ”. During the event, many dutar teachers and students of Baherden district who follow the “Student and mentorship” path have been inspiringly telling about the importance of dutar musical instrument in people's lives and heartily playing beautiful melodies on the dutars for the audience. After the musicians performance, dutar making craftsman of Baharden district, Davletiar Magtumberdiev, shared the finesses of the process of making a dutar and mentioned how important a Turkmen national musical instrument dutar is for the Turkmen. The next part of the event was the performance of the dutar players of the music school named after N. Halmammedov. At the end of the event all the participants were discussing the remarkable achievements of the Distinguished President with admiration. The Celebration went on the highest possible level and was filmed by the TV channel Miras. The organizers and participants of the Event sincerely congratulated the Turkmen and thanked the Distinguished President for the opportunity to hold such a remarkable celebration on the highest level and also wished our Dear Arkadag good health, long life and prosperity in all undertakings for the good of the nation and the country.