The International Children's Day

The International Children's Day in our region was celebrated with unforgettable festivities, which were held in the spirit of inexhaustible inspiration. Performances in the “Buysanch” children's cultural and entertainment center left the most indelible impressions. This beautiful corner has become the main center for holding events in the region. The feast organized jointly by the region Administration, regional Department of Culture, regional Main Department of Education, and public organizations gathered a lot of people from the very early morning. Emotional performances of children, overflowing with joy and fun, added even more inspiration to the holiday. The performances of children's creative teams of the region, their songs and dances on a wide square in front of the cultural and entertainment center inspired not only the younger generation, but also pleased parents, educators and other numerous guests who visited the square. These cheerful performances reflected the transformations carried out in our beautiful Motherland and the pride of our happy children. Members of the happy young generation received great spiritual pleasure from various performances organized in front of the center. Various attractions and playgrounds of the center equipped with modern game equipment increased the festive mood of the children.