“Ýaňlan, Diýarym!”-2022

During the renaissance of the new era of the sovereign state, in the Year of the Arkadagly Era of the People, as part of the Regulations of the competition jointly announced by the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan and the State Committee of Turkmenistan on Television Radio Broadcasting and Cinematography on holding a TV contest “Yanlan Diyarym!” of the amateur singers in the framework of the competition for the award of the President of Turkmenistan “Golden Age of the Turkmen” in the department of culture of Ak Bugday etrap of Ahal region, the etrap review round was held in an organized manner with the participation of amateur youth from houses of culture of the village. The most distinguished performers of the amateur singing youth in the competition were selected for the pre-provincial review round and the commemorative gifts were presented in a ceremonial manner. May the life of our Arkadagly Commander, who cares deeply for the prosperity of our national culture and art in the Renaissance of the new era of a sovereign state, live a long and fruitful life for the benefit of the nation!