Datura stramonium

Datura stramonium grows in the foothills of our country, occasionally found in the southwestern Kopetdag: Khojagala, Makhtumkuli, Saivan, in the Central Kopetdag: in Ashgabat, Archabil, Gokdepe, and is also widely spread in Badkhyz, Murgab and Farap. The leaves, roots and seeds of plants are raw materials for the preparation of the ointment. It must be collected with precautions. Due to high concentrations of alkaloids, gloves must be worn. Do not touch your eyes, mouth and nose. Raw materials should be dried in the usual way. Datura leaves contain scopolamine, hyoscyamine, hyoscine, tropine, kuskgigrin atropine, noratropine. The stems contain dextrin, pectin, starch, carbohydrate hemicellulose. The medicinal properties of this plant are widely used. Its freshly squeezed and filtered pure juice is used in homeopathy, in treatment of hypersensitive psychosis, nervous tension, vomiting, paralysis, tuberculosis, nausea and diarrhea. Powder from the roots of the plant is used in the treatment of infectious diseases. In traditional medicine, seeds are used in their usual form or as a powder for epilepsy, anxiety. Oil from seeds is used for unction of the corresponding parts of the body with rheumatism, gout, inflammation of the muscles and joints.