Balkhan Wormwood

This plant differs from other types of wormwood in its peculiar lemon smell. Under natural conditions, it grows only on the territory of Turkmenistan. It begins to grow in February-March and blooms in July. It also grows on salt marshes and brackish soil. The plant is distinguished by its resistance to drought and cold. It contains a sufficient amount of components for medicinal purposes. Its leaves are used as a raw material for medicinal purposes. Balkhan Wormwood contains essential oils - 1.56%, protein - 14%, oils - 5.8%, fiber 30%, nitrogen-free extractives - 35% and vitamin C. The essential oil of the plant with a pleasant lemon aroma is widely used in the perfumery and cosmetic, and food industries. In traditional medicine, infusions and starch of this plant are used for fever, and high blood pressure, as a means to increase appetite. The raw material of Balkhan Wormwood is used in the manufacture of soft drinks and high-quality grape wines. Pour one teaspoon of crushed leaves of the plant with one glass of boiled water and keep for 1-2 minutes, then strain through cheesecloth. Take the ready infusion daily, one tablespoon 3 times a day.