There are 110 species of this medicinal plant in the world, 3 species are found in Turkmenistan. The plant is also called sanjigul or sanjyoty, it grows on rocky and gravel slopes, junipers. Propagated by seeds. Meadow rue is mainly concentrated in the central Kopetdag. Enough supplies for medicinal purposes. In medicine, the plant’s herb is used as a raw material. Medicinal raw materials should be harvested during the flowering period. Dry and prepare in the usual way. Meadow rue contains 0.009% alkaloids. In Turkmen folk medicine, Meadow rue tea is used to treat childhood purulent rash, rubella, chest pain, and numbness in the arms and legs. The powder of the plant is taken for epilepsy, jaundice, epistaxis, pulmonary tuberculosis, gastrointestinal and gynecological diseases. A teaspoon of well-strained and crushed Meadow rue should be poured into a 1-liter bucket of water and poured with boiling water. After brewing, strain through gauze and drink half a glass 3 times a day. One tablespoon of the plant should be soaked in a glass of water and boiled for 10 minutes over low heat. The resulting infusion should be filtered through gauze and taken 3 times a day for a tablespoon. The balm is effective for epilepsy, gastrointestinal and gynecological diseases.