Horseweed is an annual herbaceous plant, the leaves are arranged alternately, the edges are porous, the flowers are collected in a basket, it blooms in June-November. The horseweed is very capable of reproduction. Its flower buds produce thousands of seeds. They spread in large numbers during irrigation, through wind, insects, birds, water, grow on irrigated lands, in gardens. Likes to grow on sandy and loamy soils. The plant reproduces only by seeds. In our area it is found everywhere, except for the Karakum desert. The raw material is a plant in a flowering state. Raw materials should be collected in June-November. Dry in the usual way. The plant contains 0.3-0.6% essential oils containing d-limonene, dipentene and d-a-terpineol. It also contains tannin, choline and flavonoids. Horseweed is recommended for use in uterine bleeding, especially in menopause. Phytopreparations are used as a stopping agent for various internal bleeding, for infectious diseases and kidney stones. When you wash your hair with a tincture from the plant, it strengthens and accelerates its growth. Soak a tablespoon of horseweed in a glass of boiling water for 15 minutes. Then strain and drink 5-6 times a day, two tablespoons. Pour 150 g of chopped herbs with 2 liters of boiling water and insist for two hours. Hair should be washed by straining the finished tincture. Then wash off with warm water. The duration of treatment is 3 months. The tincture should be used twice a week.