«Şöhraty dünýä dolan bedewim»

Our wonderful Akhal-teke horses have always bun an integral companion and loyal confidant of our people. Tt is a matter of historical and spiritual legitimacy to hold a grand wedding in honor of our marvelous horses that leap bike human beings during the years of our Holy Independence. Because they were the secret, elose companion of our brave, patriotic young men. “Akhal-teke Horse-Our Pride and glory” presented by our hero Arkadag. From the books “Horse with a strong horse”, “There is faith in the horse, there is a horse”, the beauty, spud and devotion of our horses, whose ancestors were immersed in the tireless work, dedication ana love of our ancestors, their omnipotence in the life of our people as well as in our country today. Interesting facts about respect can be read We wish the ceremony a prosperous state of affairs of our estumed President, who is eхemplary in raising the honor of our glorious heavenly horses and in developing the euestrion art.