Namazgadepe is an arheological monument of great importance, which is distinguished by its wonderful wonders, covering an area of 70 hectares, about 7 kilometers west of the center of Kaka district. Namazgadepe is the place where the economic and cultural development in Central Asia is concentrated in one Place and forms a city. When studying the emergenc of agricultural activities in the oldest period of Turkmenistan, it is not out of place to take “Namazgadepe culture” as a standard unit for comparison. Because the Namazgadepe monument has a history that starts from the 5th millennium BC. “Namazga” is actually the word “namazgah” and it has the meaning of “prayer place” . the inhabitants of the city of Abiwerd who lived near this place in the early middle ages, after the migration of the palaces and balconies built of raw bricks were destroyed, melted and turned into soil, they built a mosque as a holy place in the place of the ancient city, which remained a hill, and they used to go there to pray. In the Middle Ages, it was common to call a place to go for a walk, a place to pray, a place to pray.