Dashly depe (Rocky hill).

As a result of the foresight state policy of our esteemed Arkadag, we are committed to preserving our perfect historical, cultural and natural monuments, which have important spiritual and cultural values, which play an important role in the overall development of mankind in the prosperous period of our sovereign state. A historical hill located on the west side of the village of Birleshik in Tejen district of Ahal province. The monuments were included in the reserve list after the establishment of the Old Sarahs State Historical and Cultural Reserve (1991), which was unveiled during the exploration of the Lower Tejen Plateau by the XIV Group of GTAKE under the leadership of W. M. Masson in 1955-1962. In 2005, researchers from the Old Sarahs State Reserve, T. Artykov, M. Kemjaev, and S. Byashimov, investigated and mapped. The monument dates back to the beginning of the IX-XIII centuries and should be a courtyard of medieval peasant property.