The ancient fortress and the modern village of Murcha are located in the modern administrative division 4 km southwest of the Baharden railway station, Akhal Velayat. The village of Murcha is surrounded on three sides at a distance of 4 to 10 km by villages in which, with the exception of a small number of Karadashli, Khoja and Seit, the main population is the Teke tribe. On the south side, the Kopetdag Mountains stretch within one kilometer. The very modern name of the Murchali tribe comes from the name of the place of their population. The Murchins themselves call themselves Murchali and the surrounding Turkmen population of the Teke tribe also calls them. The word Murcha in translation means poor, weak, small, ant. Currently, Turkmen tourists often come to the village of Murche to observe the historical ancient fortress. Thanks to the respected Serdar with Arkadag, Turkmenistan pays great attention to the historical sites of our Homeland. And this leads to the recognition of our beloved country and its ancient, historical places all over the world.