Hundreds of young people are attending the 350-seat sports school, which opened and opened in Baherden district of Ahal province in 2013. The fact that the number of athletes training in sports in volleyball, football, table tennis, chess, Greco-Roman wrestling, national wrestling, boxing and track and field is a testament to the dedication of our coaches. Athletes attending sports schools actively participate in district, provincial, and national sports competitions and win prizes. The coaches and coaches of the sports school, the volleyball coaches are the Honored Coaches of Turkmenistan Babasary Soyunov, Nurly Tagandurdyev, Tachmyrat Syhberdiyev, Orazgeldi Altayev, the Honored Coach of Turkmenistan chess Akmyrat Geldiyev and Atamyrat Geldiyev, the sports Greco-Roman wrestling, Parahat Amanov, Orazgeldi Chariyarov, national referee at the Boxing Championships and Cups of Turkmenistan, Rejepmuhammet Hojamguliyev, Hurmagul Garamammedova in table tennis, Beshim Tatov of football coaches, Ashirmyrat Amiddyevdi , the achievements of the athletes at each district, provincial and state level deserve special mention. One of the concerns of the President about the health of the people is the work being done at the state level to develop the Turkmen sport. May the life of our President live a long and prosperous life for the cause of his care for the development of the sports system!