This fortress is situated about 5-6 kilometers north from Garahan village of Kaka etrap. The sides of the fortress were in the shape of quadrangle equal to 120 meters. In the middle of the southern wing of the fortress there was gate of about 3,5 meters. In both sides of the gate there were two circular towers of 4 meters high which bulged out from the wall about 3,5 meters. In each corner of the fortress which was built in quadrangle shape one tower protrudes. The walls were made of 1 meter clay and now their height is about 4 meters. The fortress was surrounded by trench and dike. The fortress dates back to the end of XVIII and the beginning of XIX. The inhabitants of the fortress were occupied with crop agriculture and livestock breeding. In the middle of XIX century because of the shut down of the water of Nowrek creek whick took its spring from the foothills of the mountain the inhabitants had to move towards the southward.