«Halkyň Arkadagly zamanasy»

Physical education and sports are one of the prorities of our country during the Ruvival of new era. As is known, there are many modern sports schools, facilities and sport complexes all over Turkmenistan. In our beloved homeland, which has become a venue for sports under the leadership of our Esteemed President, our athlets have ample opportunities to participate in the sports movement. Equipped with sports equipment the sports school offers training courses to hundreds of young athletes by skilled coaches and teachers in a variety of sports. They regularly participate in school, district, provincial and state competitions and win prizes. Sports school of Ak bugday district holds regular outreach activities in conjunction with representives of the sports sector and govermental organizations. In meetings encouraged young people to engage in physical education and sports, to follow heathy lifestyles, to develop a sense of patriotism in generations, to abstain from bad habits, to follow clean moral and social rules. May the life of our President live a long and prosperous life for the cause of his care for the development of physical culture and sports movement in our country!