Our homeland Turkmenistan is rich in beautiful corners of nature and cultural and historical monuments. Amazing historical monuments are located in the very south of Turkmenistan, in the Tagtabazar etrap. These are artificial caves, once cut down in soft rock of sandstone, on the right bank of the Murghab River. The largest of them is located near the settlement of Tagtabazar and is known as Yekegovak («One Cave»). In fact, it will not be a mistake to call Yekegovak not a cave, but catacombs. As it is known from history, originally catacombs were extensive dungeons in the Roman Empire. Since then, all the underground galleries with long and intricate passages are called catacombs. They can be found in Europe and Central Asia, including Turkmenistan. Yekegovak was one of them, and it served as a refuge for the people. Currently, the monument Yekegovak is part of the Ancient Merv Cultural and Historical Reserve.