Yahdan (ancient refrigerator). This is the amazing monument of our skillful ancestorsʼ creative talent. Water has always been the first degree issue for Turkmens. For that reason they found the way to make usage of snow in summer. Masters firstly made circular lines on the needed earth and then dug it until 2-3 meters. Afterwards they put two bulls into that hole and as if threshing made them go around. Then the earth hardened. They built fence around that circular hole from raw brick or clay and made dome which tapers upwards. Minaret like refrigerator had a hole on top of it. Its small door was on the east side. They put snow there in winter and then made it full by stepping on the gathered snow. Until the next snow the refrigerator was a heap of snow even in summer. The refrigerator was also used to keep foods. This refrigerator system nearby Kone (old) Hywaabat on the south 22 kilometers from the center of Kaka etrap is protected monument under the control of Abiverd historical-cultural state museum.