«Halkyň Arkadagly zamanasy»

The hard-working silkworm breeders of Tejen district of Ahal region, who spend the silkworm breeding season with a high level of organization, are diligent and responsible in their work. In the Year of “Era of People with Arkadag”, the silkworm breeders of the district set themselves the task of making every effort and getting 40 tons of a cocoon from 1000 boxes of silkworms. Fully equipped premises for the storage of silkworms, which were distributed among experienced silkworm breeders. Silk growers pay special attention to cleanliness of premises for growing silkworms and maintaining the appropriate temperature in them. Regular feeding of silkworms indicates that the hard work of silkworms is rewarded with the formation of silkworms into a cocoon. An exemplary work in the production of silkworms is the work of silkworm farmers of such peasant societies of district as “Agalan”, “Babadayhan” and named after Ovezmammet Japarov. This year, hardworking silkworm farmers of Agalan Dayhan Association planned to collect 2,150 kilograms of a cocoon from 54 silkworm boxes, the hardworking silkworm farmers of Babadayhan peasant societies planned to collect 1,700 kilograms of a cocoon from 43 silkworm boxes, and silkworm farmers of peasant societies named after Ovezmammet Japarov - 3,130 kilograms of a cocoon from 77 boxes of silkworms. At present, the silkworm breeders of Tejen district are working hard to fully fulfill their planned obligations.