The wealthy family of Orazmyrat Annaliev lives in the village of Aba Annaev, Karizhek Council, Gokdepe District. For almost 20 years, the President of Turkmenistan has been working in the Akhal-Teke equestrian complex, developing the industry, instilling in the younger generation a passion for equestrian art, training horses. It was nice to meet Seyis, who spoke about the consequences of this happy event, and to hear her sincere pride. An unforgettable, very joyful and proud event took place in my life. A true admirer of our heavenly horses, our national leader on a significant day of the glorious year under the slogan "The era of the people with Arkadag" came to the International Akhal-Teke Equestrian Complex and inquired about our working and living conditions, our work on feeding and breeding heavenly horses. This moment made me very excited. I told our President Arkadag about the newborn foal. The head of the people named the foal Zaman of the famous horse family Peren, Gozbash and Keikilkhan, the leader of the nation with good wishes put on the neck of the alaja foal, which was woven by Ogulabat eje, and this doubled my joy. The members of this happy family, living in the village of equestrians, express their sincere gratitude to our Hero Arkadag, who made unprecedented efforts in the development of horse breeding in our country, breeding of Akhal-Teke horses, breeding and breeding, as well as the improvement of the Turkmen national tribal art.