Let's protect nature from fire!

With the advent of hot weather, the protection of our beautiful nature, fed by green grain, becomes one of the important tasks. The flora of our nature is so diverse that some of them ripen early and begin to dry out in late spring. With warming, there is a risk of forest fires due to the drying of these plants. It is the duty of each of us to prevent the occurrence of fire hazardous situations in nature. Fabrics that absorb lubricating oils and flammable liquids are dangerous to leave outdoors, as fabrics that absorb lubricating oils in hot weather can cause spontaneous combustion and fire. It is also dangerous to leave glass containers and glass fragments in nature, which can cause fires by changing the direction of the sun's rays. The wood must be cleared and cleared of various weeds planted in forest parks. The allocated land plot must be provided with the first fire extinguisher. Non-combustible memos should be posted in conspicuous places. Particularly responsible persons for fire safety should be assigned to the divided areas.