The archaeological monument, located 20 km away from Gerogly etrap centre in the village of Aksaray, Dashoguz velayat, is a unique architectural three-tier tower-like structure, oriented with corners to the cardinal points. It was built of baked bricks with sides of 26-28х4,5 cm on day mortar. Its total height is about 14 m. The dating of the monument to the 12th century by G.A.Pugachenkova is based on archaeological material found near the tower. It should be noted that the monument was seriously damaged, as for a long period of time it was exposed to the destructive effects of natural phenomena (rain, snow, wind and others). The unique monument of the Middle Ages, Aksaray-Ding, needed preservation, as well as serious scientific research. As a result of the large-scale restoration and archaeological and restoration work carried out, a rich material was obtained containing valuable scientific information, and the monument acquired its original look.